Metaphors of Symbolic Representations in Maestro’s Analytic Journalism on Petals 102.3 F/M

Volume 5 Nos. 1 January, 2020


Metaphors and symbols are major semantic means with which humans consciously or unconscious relate with their remote and distant environment and achieve set goals in their work-a-day activities. Studies abound exploring various forms of representations of socio-political affairs of Nigeria without enthralling their metaphoric and symbolic nature in the media’s presentation of Nigerian realities. This study, therefore, examines the ambience of metaphorical and symbolic ingenuity deployed as interfacing tool in media and political discourses of Nigerian polity of the contemporary times. Critical Metaphor Analytical (CMA) concern that integrate Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) as cognitive linguistics and Goffman’s contribution to interactional sociolinguistics form the theoretical framework in the essaying of analytic journalism exemplified in transcribed Petals FM media discourse. The study was subjected to critical discourse-stylistic analysis. Metaphoric expressions revealed a shrewd use of symbolic representations in the expostulation of various forms of socio-political and administrative irresponsibility that play up, with the humongous inhumanity inherent in the nation’s theatres of political trending. Maestro’s analytic journalism becomes an energetic remonstration of Nigerian systemic failure through metaphors, symbolism and representations fixed on arguments of serious discontent that provide shelter and succor for the afflicted human souls. The conversation style in the educated variety of Nigerian English gives credence to metaphoric expressions to force permanence on the ideological tenets behind the system analysis. Thus Maestro’s analytic journalism presents language as instrument of deconstruction, construction and negotiation of meaning, and as call-tool for amelioration of the sinking Nigerian polity and projection of good governance.


M. Lekan Oduola
Ifra Senior Research Fellow & Lecturer,
Ajayi Crowther, University, Oyo,
Oyo State, Nigeria.

Ajani, Daniel Taiwo
Department of General Studies,
The Polytechnic, Ibadan,


M. Lekan Oduola and Ajani, Daniel Taiwo. Metaphors of Symbolic Representations in Maestro’s Analytic Journalism on Petals 102.3 F/M. International Journal of Arts and Social Sciences Education, 5 (1), 62-73.

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