Guidelines for submission of articles for International Journal of Arts and Social Sciences Education (IJASSE)

Those wishing to submit papers for inclusion in any volume of our journal are expected to note the folowing guidelines carefully and allow them to guide the style and format of their papers.

  1. Papers must be original andmay not have been previously submitted to any journal for publication
  2. Paper must not be more than 16pages long, typed double spacing on one side of A4 paper in Times New Roman 12-point size
  3. Contributors are required to make sure that they conform with current APA format and present their paper in MS Word. Such paper must carry the names and full address as well as the e-mail addresses of the contributor(s).
  4. Three copies of the paper must be sent to the Editor with N5,000.00 assessment fee. Altenatively, you can submit your paper online. Click here to submit online
  5. Contributors of successful papers will be contacted for the payment of the current publication fee which changes from time to time to reflect current economic realities

Article Publication Policy

Papers submitted for the Journal are normally subjected to a peer review process before they are considered for publication